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Dobbins Paddock offers many different services including counselling, equine therapy, riding lessons, Emmett therapy (+ courses), training, horsemanship, camps, animal farm and more! The core purpose of Dobbins is to share the joy of horses, animals and nature with everyone! 

The majority of the horses and animals involved have been rescued, re-trained and are learning to heal through some of the trauma they have experienced in their lives. The horses at Dobbins have the biggest stories and the biggest hearts, once you gain their trust there is no turning back.

Natural horsemanship and liberty underpin everything we do. All riders are taught how to feel the horse's movements bareback before they are placed in a saddle, as well as learning vital groundwork exercises such as the 'join up' to create a special bond between horse and rider.

Dobbins Paddock is FULLY INSURED and has big plans for the future! To book or have a chat call, Maddy, on 0412 692 348.


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Returning to riding after almost thirty years my self-confidence for riding and being around horses had certainly wavered.  Introducing me to the herd and learning about liberty work and connecting with the horses through the join up was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to have a sense of self-assuredness and confidence that I had long since lost. I quickly progressed and was soon cantering bareback an accomplishment that felt greater than the act and improved my strength and allowed me to set goals for my own daily life as well. Maddy’s knowledge patience and level of professionalism are really inspiring and highly recommended. 

Gabrielle Green

Maddy was my daughter's horse instructor when she was residing in Dwellingup. Maddy had ‘Dobbin’s Paddock’ there only for a short time before her and her husband moved to Broomehill.  In that short time, I found her to be a brilliant instructor!  My daughter was very comfortable around her and built up her confidence while riding. Maddy is very knowledgeable about all levels of riding whether it be English or Western. Maddy is a very patient and kind person and always being positive. She has a fun-loving but professional attitude.  Maddy is also very caring to her horses - she loves them unconditionally.  We were very sad to see her go and haven’t found another instructor like her.


I would highly recommend Maddy as an instructor/trainer.

Soili, Tia's Mother


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