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Trust and Confidence Lessons

Dobbins Paddock is NDIS approved offering an adaptable session for clients to interact with horses and other animals. We are determined to cater our services to every individual, whether that be learning to trust and ride a horse or staying on the ground working and caring with the horses.

Beginner Riding Lessons + Equine Therapy Sessions

Dobbins Paddock is definitely not your average 'riding school'. The majority of the riding is done bareback and bitless with a focus on the connection and trust the client can gain with their horse.


Horse Training/Starting

Dobbins Paddock offers a holistic approach to training and starting with knowledge in bodywork, natural horsemanship and psychology horses are treated with respect and given the time they need to find the solution. Dobbins Paddock aims to work with the owners to empower them to work with their horses in this way.

Emmett Therapy - Bodywork Treatments 

Dobbins Paddock offers Emmett bodywork treatments for horses. Emmett is a light touch muscle release therapy perfect for any horse suffering from a range of issues like pain, emotional trauma and stiffness. Dobbins paddock travels to a range of areas, get in touch to see if we can travel to you.

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